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Pepper Advantage has been proving credit management expertise over a growing number of asset classes for more than a decade. Our data and analytics-led approach enables us to value and predict loan portfolio outcomes accurately, manage margins in constantly changing conditions, validate assumptions, improve recoveries and identify new opportunities in a rapidly expanding global market.

Data Analytics

We work with the most trusted global brands

Goldman Sachs
CarVal Investors
Morgan Stanley

Early indicator of borrower stress increases in line with interest rates


We track a variety of data points to analyse borrower stress across our portfolio with the goal of managing risks before they emerge. This month, we’re following on our last report to see how Direct Debit Rejections (DDRs) – one of our key leading indicators –  in Spain increases with Euribor.

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Management meeting discussing borrower trends and interest rates.

Multi-asset opportunities that boost yields and meet investment goals


We have the operational experience to manage borrowers and get the most yield out of every loan. Our plug-and-play technologies and reporting make it easy to understand how portfolios are performing in real time.

We provide rapid intelligence icon

We provide rapid intelligence

With unprecedented AUM growth and tighter margins, reliable insights are essential to deliver returns.

We understand credit risk icon

We understand credit risk

Using real-time data and analytics means you can act fast to mitigate any downside.

We’re a safe pair of hands icon

We’re a safe pair of hands

We apply operational leverage and high standards of governance and compliance when managing loan portfolios.

We have a proven track record icon

We have a proven track record

Thanks to over ten years in the field helping more than one million borrowers.

How we work with investors


Asset classes

Residential and commercial mortgages, real estate, SME loans, asset financing and leasing, auto and consumer loans, credit cards, retail finance and BNPL


All figures represent the sum total as at 30 June 2023
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S&P Ranking | STRONG

We’ve maintained this rating since 2012 and have been included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List

We make the facilitation and management of credit investments straightforward

Pepper Advantage has a proven record of delivering exceptional returns while handling significant volumes of complex products and services. We harness our understanding of credit risk and borrower behaviour to enhance portfolio value through operational leverage and data and analytics. Here's how we make it work:

  • 1

    Deliver a diverse range of funding strategies. Find out more about Credit Investment and Advisory.

  • 2

    Perform a variety of functions including primary, special and master servicing. Find out more about our Credit Management Services.

  • 3

    Service multiple asset classes across a variety of performance grades, including performing, re-performing and non-performing loans.

  • 4

    Provide behind-the-scenes data and reporting activities to help investors.

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We are a trusted partner to more than 70 major financial institutions. But each solution we devise is adapted to meet specific client needs.

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