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About Us


Since 2019, Pepper Advantage has been providing robust financial support to India – a nation with one of the fastest-growing appetites for business growth in the world. In that short time, we have developed a range of comprehensive services, including a one-stop shop for non-performing loan (NPL) management and collection, master and back-up servicing, investment processes and transaction advisory services.


Our experts are continually expanding their successful and dynamic teams across the country to support India’s impressive business growth. Coupled with local know-how, Pepper Advantage India’s global data and analytics are second to none and are playing a big part in driving this upward trajectory. We will continue to work with investors, financial institutions, fintechs and banks to manage and service their credit portfolios, with a focus on clients who help underserved communities.


How it all began


Pepper India Resolution Private Limited (PIR) was set up as a joint venture between global diversified financial services specialists Pepper Group and ABK Resolution. It was established to deliver distressed asset management and resolution in India, specialising in NPLs, advisory and third-party loan servicing. We are continually looking for ways to expand our remit and grow our servicer-client-customer relationships.

The Advantage trajectory


Over the past four years, Pepper Advantage India has expanded geographically and grown assets under management, while being supported by highly skilled agents and state-of-the-art back-office technology. Currently we have US$125 million in assets under management across three asset classes and 20 clients. We operate in 30 cities and employ more than 100 of the country’s top sector talent.


We are now a servicer on panels of multiple banks, non-banks and asset managers. In August 2020, Pepper Advantage India incorporated a Credit Investment Management arm to its portfolio of services. As a result, we are now driving end-to-end investment processes, from deal-sourcing to delivering on investment mandates. 

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Coming soon... Special Credits Fund


 At the moment, there are in excess of US$200billion in NPLs, around 62% of which are retail and SME loans, in India. As a leading NPL servicing and resolution specialist, Pepper Advantage India has the capacity and on-the-ground expertise to realise the potential of India’s growing credit investment gap.


The Pepper Advantage Special Credits Fund will offer a unique opportunity to invest in India’s retail and SME NPL assets, as well as a selection of medium-sized corporate loans. We co-invest in assets we feel confident in resolving, and make opportunistic investments in mid-corporate loans where there is limited competition and litigation.

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The India connection


The Pepper Advantage family is ideally suited to India because it understands the needs of ambitious growing markets, where many people’s financial needs are not being met sufficiently and empathetically. By combining our global influence with proactive experts on the ground who have a deep understanding of the unique need states of clients and customers, we enable insight-driven decisions that enhance clients’ business growth and their customers’ financial experiences.


Globally, Pepper Advantage has a reputation for creating robust strategies that meet the needs of those people who are often overlooked by traditional lenders, and for helping them live productive, well-managed financial lives.

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Looking to the future


To date, feedback from our clients has been wholly positive. We have big plans for the future and will be expanding into new areas from Punjab to Kerala. It’s by combining global and local skills and experience with a data-driven approach to collections and credit management that we plan to secure next-level growth for Indian business, and build happy financial futures for Indian people.

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