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Pepper Advantage's Credit Intelligence platform transforms real-time global data and analytics into valuable information, so that you can make insight-driven decisions to benefit your business and your customers’ financial experiences. 


It removes the guesswork, the static spreadsheets, the disconnected tools, and allows for rational portfolio management in a fast-changing world.

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What we offer


One interactive dashboard, infinite game-changing opportunities


With our intuitive Credit Intelligence platform you can manage multiple asset classes in one place and keep track of customer performance and trends over time. Say goodbye to non-interactive powerpoints and retrospective PDF reports and hello to real-time data and analytics that put you in the driving seat. With everything in one place, it’s possible to access the information you need in the format that’s right for you at any point in time, and reach real-time data-backed solutions for your business and customers.


Pace of UK Mortgage Payment Failures Slows


The latest data from Pepper Advantage’s UK portfolio shows a slowdown in the growth of mortgages in arrears. Overall arrears increased further in the first quarter of 2024, but the decelerating growth rate and a drop in direct debit rejections suggest that lower inflation and rising wages are offering some respite for borrowers and customers.


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Power in numbers

Predict trends, assess their impact on portfolios, spot opportunities, provide a best-in-class service.

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Keeping track of how your portfolio is progressing is easy with the Credit Intelligence platform because everything is in one place, with user-friendly graphs and performance metrics accessible with a click of a mouse.

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Data excellence

With more than two decades in the field and working across nine jurisdictions, Pepper Advantage has access to unparalleled data in terms of quality and reach. Pepper Advantage’s data governance strategy allows trusted intelligence to be provided at real-time speed.

Segregate by client or function icon

Segregate by client or function

Our Credit Intelligence platform conforms to your business structure, whether your teams are client or function focused. Access to the right intelligence will allow them to do their jobs with maximum efficiency and productivity.


Cloud-based, real-time access from any device to data and analytics that will work for your business and accelerate growth.

Solid, reliable data and insights


Collecting data from from over one million active borrowers across nine jurisdictions means we can provide macro and micro intelligence to give your business the edge.

Our solutions

  • Portfolio manager
  • Scenario manager
  • Cashflow predictor
  • Customer 360°
  • Operations Advantage

Portfolio manager

Predictive credit smarts, macro investment models and performance analysis to manage your portfolios and achieve optimal investment returns.

Scenario manager

We dynamically assess the portfolio position – including sub portfolios – to provide you with strategies to determine the right time to exit and increase profitability.

Cashflow predictor

We predict where your cashflow position will be under different macroeconomic scenarios.

Customer 360°

Using a holistic view of your position – including collateral, performance, geographies, and insights on individual loan-level positions – we determine the right credit solutions at the right time.

Operations Advantage

We provide operational teams with the intelligence to drive contact management strategies, maximising their effort and skills so they can deliver an effective and professional servicing operation.

Key platform benefits

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Cashflow predictor

Understand your position under different macroeconomic situations.

360º client view icon

360º client view

Determine the right credit solutions at the right time.

Improve customer outcomes icon

Improve customer outcomes

Apply our data to credit scores and deliver the best offers.

Better team effectiveness icon

Better team effectiveness

Improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Increase profitability icon

Increase profitability

Determine the right time to exit and boost profits.

Portfolio outcome predictor icon

Portfolio outcome predictor

Forecast how portfolios will perform under different economic scenarios.

Save time and money icon

Save time and money

Determine which customer contact methods result in better payment rates.

Identify default risk icon

Identify default risk

Develop the best payment plans.

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