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As outsourcing experts, Pepper Advantage understands that at the heart of any successful business you will find great people. The Advantage Hub is where teams of experts and the latest technology come together to play a crucial role in supporting business activities for our clients and customers. With more than ten years providing back-office services, operating to the highest and most exacting standards, we are expanding our offer to support advancing economies all over the world.


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What we offer

Skilled workforces for strong businesses


A talented, committed, and hardworking workforce is essential for any company looking to build its reputation, grow and prosper. At the Advantage Hub, we have expanded our remit to include more functions, more locations, and more sectors. We have worked as an outsourcer for numerous companies over the past decade, including as a loan servicer for challengers, SMEs, and major institutions. We work hard to allay traditional fears around outsourcing by operating to the highest standards.

There's strength in outsourcing


Outsourcing is a good strategy for those seeking a competitive edge and for ways to boost profits and pass on lower costs to consumers. As a business grows, so does its need to expand teams and operational practices. Outsourcing functions to the Advantage Hub will allow you to grow at a much lower cost.

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Expert team members

The Advantage Hub is home to some of the most skilled people in the services industry, with specialised teams set up to meet a broad spectrum of business needs. Working across different jurisdictions and divisions means they have unrivalled knowledge of best practices.

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Flex to meet needs

Pivot, flex and allow for plans to change quickly with outsourced functions. Business growth doesn’t always happen on a consistent, gradual trajectory – outsourcing means you can accommodate peaks and troughs.

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Ability to scale

Handle workflows more effectively as your business grows. With the Advantage Hub, your customers will continue to enjoy a smooth, efficient and helpful service, whatever’s happening in the boardroom.

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The Advantage Hub in action

Role types

Your Advantage Hub

Interested in outsourcing but unsure if its beneficial for your business?


As a business grows, so does the need to expand teams and operational practices at a much lower cost. We provide comprehensive and high-quality offshoring services to multiple industries.


The fight for talent is real all over the world, as businesses in financial services navigate an employee-focused labour market.

The value we offer

Skilled people are hard to find and even harder to retain, plus the cost of recruitment is increasing. The Pepper Advantage Hub takes the headache away.


With a stringent recruitment policy and a supportive working culture, our teams are ready to take the pressure off your internal processes.

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    Digital-first CX

    Our goal is to meet and then surpass modern customer expectations, and help people succeed on their financial journeys.

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    Meet exacting standards

    We work in some of the most heavily regulated sectors and regions and can be trusted with stringent privacy and data sovereignty requirements.

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    Proprietary reporting

    We take care of the reporting burden so owners can get back to running their businesses, saving time and costs.

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    Ten years’ experience

    We’ve been operating for over a decade and have built up an unrivalled international network.

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    Better tools

    By outsourcing functions, you don’t have to invest in fast-changing and advanced tools to improve your business.

Key benefits

Build your core business practice icon

Build your core business practice

Focus on growth while we take care of the rest.

Tech that ensures compliance icon

Tech that ensures compliance

The Advantage Hub approach ensures businesses keep on top of regulations.

Mentoring systems icon

Mentoring systems

Team members ‘buddy up’ with experienced staff to get the most out of their Pepper Advantage roles.

Regular reporting icon

Regular reporting

Reliable and regular feedback; more efficient workflows.

Training and development icon

Training and development

We create employee-growth plans for all team members.

Process and knowledge gathering icon

Process and knowledge gathering

We cross pollinate and collaborate to ensure that all team members have access to the latest intelligence.

Staff best practice icon

Staff best practice

Employee conduct and ethics policies are measured throughout compliance training.

Simplified shortlisting icon

Simplified shortlisting

Quick, easy and accurate candidate shortlisting elicits the best results.

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As a member of the Pepper Advantage community, you’ll be part of a unique global-scale network of skilled experts with access to rich data and analytics, giving you access to all the latest market trends and opportunities.


Our goal? To give people an edge, to help them succeed.

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