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Comprehensive and high-quality offshoring services available to multiple industries


Our mission is to be a world-class, diversified and socially responsible company providing one of Asia-Pacific's most client-focused business process outsourcing firms.

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Flexible partnership models tailored to your needs

Outsourcing – A co-leasing model

Perfect for businesses who want to fully outsource their business tasks and processes without the need to worry about managing their team’s KPIs and performance. We take care of recruitment, client support, human resource management, facilities, IT and daily operations.


Offshoring – Retaining some oversight

Great for those who want to scale their business through remote teams but still want to retain control over their team’s culture, structure and productivity while we take care of the rest. We take care of recruitment, client support, human resources management, facilities and IT.


Transactional or project work

Under this partnership model means you can work with us on a transactional basis only, through a volume of activities or on an occasional or one-off basis.

The value we offer

There’s strength in outsourcing

  • 1

    Experience – We are a specialist outsourcing provider with access to great talent and skillsets.

  • 2

    Meet exacting standards – We work in some of the most heavily regulated sectors and regions and can be trusted with stringent privacy and data sovereignty requirements.

  • 3

    Business growth – As a business grows, so does its need to expand teams and operational practices.

  • 4

    Efficient practices – Outsourcing includes the ability to provide your organisation access to 24/7 business operations.

Skills and expertise across many functions

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Finance and accounting

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Human resources

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Digital marketing and creative services

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Operational support

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Administration services

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Information technology

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Call centre and customer management

Case Studies

  • Planet Fitness Australia

Planet Fitness Australia

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The Hub Fiji currently provides Executive Assistant services to an Australian client based in Sydney. The current FTE provides virtual services that ranges from administration, tracking & filing of documents, management of client schedules/meetings/calendar/emails and organisation of travel related matters.

As the services provided are online, there would not be a need to be physically present in an office space which can be used for another staff member. Economically, the advantage to Planet Fitness is access to experienced and qualified people at a lower cost.

Key partnerships

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Investment Fiji is a statutory body formed by the Fiji Government to help promote investment opportunities and facilitate development of industries, ventures or enterprises that create employment opportunities, increase exports etc that are beneficial to the economy of Fiji. Pepper Advantage Hub (Fiji) is supported by Investment Fiji and the government since our establishment in 2022.


Outsource Fiji (also known as the BPO Council of Fiji) is the industry body that guides and ensures the development of the BPO industry in Fiji. With the growing interest of the BPO industry in Fiji, Pepper Advantage Hub (Fiji) is supported by Outsource Fiji in developing the market locally and attracting clients and investors.


Keen to know more?


Arrange an outsourcing strategy session with one of our team members, where we can talk through your business goals and whether outsourcing is right for you.


We’ll discuss:

  • If your company needs additional help becoming offshore ready

  • How outsourcing will affect your profits and bottom line

  • Which roles in your business that would be best outsourced

  • How we may adapt our outsourcing solutions to meet your company goals and needs


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