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Credit management is changing. With more asset classes, greater consumer demand and tighter margins, it’s essential to have the right processes and tools in place. Pepper Advantage’s advanced analytic and automation capabilities drive business efficiency and enable better risk decisioning.

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From unreceptive and reactionary to predictive and responsive, Pepper Advantage is changing the face of credit management with a tech-enabled yet human approach. Working with investors, fintechs, challenger banks, major banks and other lending institutions, we balance investment goals and strategic thinking with an empathetic, positive mindset.

We always put the customer at the heart of the journey as we work across an expanding portfolio that includes commercial and residential real estate, mortgages, personal and SME loans, credit cards, asset finance and retail – and we create opportunities for everyone that we engage with.

Our products and services

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Credit Management

We work across a growing portfolio of asset classes and product lines in SME, commercial, residential and consumer loans, and we manage portfolios on behalf of banks and financial institutions. Activities include loan servicing and customer relations; special servicing involves workout, foreclosure and due diligence for sub and non-performing portfolios, and master servicing.


Credit Investments

Pepper Advantage provides a high-quality, specialist proposition and breadth of service that covers the full lifecycle of loan servicing and asset management, from origination to arrears management, from asset valuation to asset monetisation. As part of our bespoke credit investment strategy, we also invest as equity partners.


Asset Management

We offer real estate advisory services and asset management for companies, investors, and property developers. Our teams are experienced in direct property transactions, development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate real estate strategy, capital raising and transactional processes.


Credit Intelligence

Pepper Advantage’s Credit Intelligence platform transforms real-time data and analytics into valuable information, enabling insight-driven decisions to accelerate business growth and improve customers’ financial experiences.


Credit Technologies

Managing customers throughout the entire credit cycle used to take up a lot of resource. With Pepper Advantage’s tech-led approach, processes are easier to manage and more efficient with our plug and play modules.


Advantage Hub

Outsourcing drives speed and efficiencies by supporting your efforts with some of the most skilled people in the services industry, with specialised teams set up to meet a broad spectrum of business needs. Working across different jurisdictions and divisions means they have unrivalled knowledge of best practices.

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