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Technology is more than an enabler at Pepper Advantage. As a leading global credit asset intelligence provider, we understand its crucial role as a differentiator, whether that’s working in tandem with our other credit management services or as a standalone proposition.


Greater access to strong data, advanced analytics and risk decisioning are key to the success of everyone in the credit management sector. We now have best-in-class modular and scalable operational and analytical solutions that can be used across asset classes, product lines and jurisdictions.

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What we offer

Technology that powers business success


Today’s market demands greater data access but with tighter controls, advanced analytics to power better risk decisioning, and increased automation to drive business efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Keeping pace with regulatory changes and fast-changing technology requires enormous and continued investment – which is where Pepper Advantage comes in. By partnering with us, you will be able to meet the demands of the rapidly changing financial services sector with ease.

AI-driven credit assessment technology

LoanGuard assesses a near limitless range of loan documents


Pepper Advantage has acquired LoanGuard, a specialist AI-driven credit management software platform in India. It helps with credit decisioning, identifies fraud risks and boost efficiency across a wide range of credit assessment processes.


AI Credit Assessment Technology

Tech to meet all needs


At the heart of our technology is an end-to-end loan-servicing platform and CRM system that handles loan and real estate assets, and includes everything from onboarding loan portfolios through to interest and payment calculations, customer interactions and management, payment processing and reconciliation. We have invested in bespoke technology to suit the needs of the entire credit management lifecycle.

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Overcoming industry challenges with technology

Can you predict who’s vulnerable?


Our credit intelligence platform is signalling early signs of borrower stress in rising Direct Debit Rejections not yet reflected by a corresponding rise in delinquencies. Yet the pay rate hasn’t dropped. Here’s how our technology keeps you ahead of the rest.

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The future of credit management

Take your business to the next level with Pepper Advantage's intelligence data-driven systems.

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    Flexible, modular system


    Our system adapts to your business needs, whether you wish to adopt our technology and expertise across your entire portfolio or are looking for modules to complement existing client-based practices.

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    Adaptable global presence


    Working across nine jurisdictions, we understand the need to accommodate different ecosystems, jurisdictional regulations and customers. We’ve developed a series of integrations with third-party technologies to enable adaptation across complex tasks and workflows.

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    Continual updates


    Partnering with Pepper Advantage means you’ll stay up to date with ongoing regulatory changes. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the product innovations we chart across our worldwide markets

Access the tools and expertise that will give your business the edge.

Fast and efficient migration


To date, we’ve onboarded millions of borrowers to our business and systems since inception. We have a strong focus on quality and governance and ensure that we deliver within expected – and often tight – timeframes, seamlessly.

As at 30 June 2023
Portfolios onboarded
Asset classes
Loans managed (since inception)

Our solutions for today

• Visualise complex relationships and performances with detailed data capture
• Integrate workflow and portfolio management with predictive modelling and machine learning
• Track loan status and customer journeys using the easy-to-access devices that people prefer, including SMS notifications

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Atlas platform in action

Key benefits to the Pepper Advantage approach

Modular method icon

Modular method

We adapt to suit you, providing comprehensive functionality or simply filling in the gaps.

Global footprint icon

Global footprint

We understand broad credit management needs and how to innovate in different countries, localising our approaches.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification

Pepper Advantage holds ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification in both India and Indonesia, ensuring robust information security management systems in place.

Ahead of the game icon

Ahead of the game

Our data and analytics expertise allows us to make strategic bets on technology that will enable us to meet the ever-changing needs ahead.

Delivering APIs icon

Delivering APIs

Our APIs are documented and published and enable us to work with clients and providers in the industry to meet the most exacting of security standards while accessing complementary technology.

Boost team effectiveness icon

Boost team effectiveness

With intuitive dashboards and automated workflow systems, our clients can boost efficiencies and growth.

Tech centric icon

Tech centric

Pepper Advantage is a digital-first company, so when you partner with us you know we’re in the best position to keep abreast of the latest innovations.

Scalable, holistic service icon

Scalable, holistic service

We can provide the technology and experience you need to maximise your market potential now and in the future.

Looking ahead

We’re building the first end-to-end proprietary cloud-based global-credit-management platform. We’re also changing the face of credit asset management with pioneering data-led intelligence and software solutions that will be sold on a licenced basis. It will use the latest technology and design principles.


• SaaS compliant and scalable
• Modular or full stand-alone platform
• Multiple asset classes, geographies and currencies
• Data storage partitioning
• Efficiency and operational resilience
• Access to proprietary reporting, data and analytics
• Digital-first customer-centric experience

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