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About us


The UK arm of Pepper Advantage was established in 2013, and today we’re one of the most successful and dynamic loan-servicing businesses throughout the four home nations. With offices in London and the North of England, Pepper Advantage UK employs around 330 people and has approximately US$25 billion in assets under management. Key sectors include commercial and residential mortgages, including prime, near-prime and non-conforming, and SME loans.


What we can offer


Our credit management solutions are made up of primary, special, master and standby servicing as well as back-office functions, meaning we can maintain and manage all loans in a portfolio efficiently and in line with agreed service levels and overall client standards and expectations.

Our business in numbers


As at 30 June 2023
Assets Under Management (USD)
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Pace of UK Mortgage Payment Failures Slows


The latest data from Pepper Advantage’s UK portfolio shows a slowdown in the growth of mortgages in arrears. Overall arrears increased further in the first quarter of 2024, but the decelerating growth rate and a drop in direct debit rejections suggest that lower inflation and rising wages are offering some respite for borrowers.


Explore the full report here

We work with the most trusted brands


Pepper Advantage UK clients include heavyweight incumbents and fintech disruptors, such as Metro Bank, Starling Bank, Lendinvest and NatWest Group, among many others. And we’re clearly doing something right – 2021 saw Pepper Advantage UK scoop up the prestigious Mortgage Finance Gazette Award for Best Loan Servicer. Other wins include the 2020 ABP Work Experience Award and the Financial Services Forum Award for Customer Service in 2019.


Our corporate responsibility


We also take corporate responsibility very seriously. That includes working to create a healthier company that focuses on diversity and inclusion, helping under-represented communities through financial support, and protecting our customers’ information against scammers and cyber-attacks. We’re particularly proud that our executive leadership team is 60% female, and that we have a board member dedicated to diversity and inclusion. You can read more about our commitment to the Treasury’s Women In Finance Charter here.

Improving the consumer experience


Pepper Advantage UK is in the business of finding ways to help people live fulfilling financial lives, whatever their particular journey. Our data and analytics systems enable us to predict trends and outcomes, which means our clients can make the right decisions for their customers – all while accelerating business growth.


By using the global Pepper Advantage group’s data-led Intelligence Platform, Pepper Advantage UK is able to make accurate forecasts, calculate consumer behaviour, and present the best solutions for clients.

improving the consumer experience

Data-driven intelligence


Robust data, which we collect from throughout our global network before converting it into usable intelligence, sets us apart from our competitors and gives our clients the edge. It also enables us to think outside the box and come up with bespoke solutions to fit individuals – instead of bringing a one-size-fits-all resolution to the table. 


A key part of Pepper Advantage UK’s approach is to fully adapt to partner clients’ brands, reflecting the inhouse tone of voice and reaching appropriate solutions for customers. 


Looking to the future


With lenders and borrowers facing a less predictable market and ever-growing regulatory needs, now more than ever Pepper Advantage UK’s data-and-analytics-led approach can mean the difference between success and failure.

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  • Information on Complaints
  • Gender Equality
  • Women In Finance Charter

Information on Complaints

Here you can find out about our service promise, complaints process and performance with addressing complaints.


Complaints information

Gender Equality

Here you can find out about Pepper's commitment to gender equality within the UK business. 

Gender pay gap

Women In Finance Charter

Here you can find out about Pepper’s commitment to the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.


Women in finance charter

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