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Pepper Advantage joins industry body ANGECO

Madrid, 11 June 2024 Pepper Advantage Spain, the Spanish entity of Pepper Advantage Group, today announced it has joined ANGECO, Spain's National Association of Debt Recovery Companies.


The admission of Pepper Advantage, a global credit intelligence company, to the leading industry association in Spain follows a period of considerable growth for the business in the country, which now includes nearly US$3 billion in assets under management. The company specializes in credit management for performing and re-performing loans across a broad range of asset classes, including residential mortgages, commercial real estate loans, and secured and unsecured consumer loans.


Being a member of the industry body will deliver several benefits to Pepper Advantage, including access to resources such as market research and regulatory updates, greater networking opportunities, and the chance to contribute further to industry initiatives such as the new servicing regulation which is due to come into place later this year. Building upon this success, Pepper Advantage will continue to invest and grow in the important Spanish market over the coming years.


Commenting on the news, Juan Arsuaga Dodero, Head of Client Solutions for Pepper Advantage Spain, said: “Pepper Advantage joining Spain's National Association of Debt Recovery Companies is a further step for the business in the region. It also represents our team’s hard work over the past few years as we continue to grow to meet increasing demand for our services in the country. We look forward to becoming an active and contributing member of ANGECO.”



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