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Pepper Advantage helps high street and online retailers incentivise their customers to buy more. We have a full range of credit management services, from designing bespoke products from scratch to customer management and payment collections. Our goal is always to support business growth, and help people succeed on their financial journeys.


Supporting retailers, boosting returns


Retailers are looking to provide more direct point-of-sale credit as consumers shift to by-now-pay-later (BNPL) for larger discretionary and non-discretionary purchases, including healthcare and dental services.
We know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for retailers or consumers, so we work closely with you to arrive at the perfect credit solution for your client base, allowing you to launch and scale a financial offering quickly.

Scaling offers, minimising default risk icon

Scaling offers, minimising default risk

Pepper Advantage uses its credit management expertise to take care of the complexities involved in managing retail credit products, including helping those retailers looking to sell books of loans to investors. By working with Pepper Advantage, retailers can scale their direct credit payment offerings, improve cash flow and expand their client bases, while increasing protection from default risk.


Where retailers have already set up bespoke inhouse credit operations, Pepper Advantage can support backend processes via robust credit management.


How we do it

We’ll protect your brand icon

We’ll protect your brand

We understand the power of retail brands and integrate fully to provide a seamless on-brand service.

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We’re seasoned lenders

Pepper Advantage has more than a decade’s experience as a global lender and credit manager.

We think outside the box icon

We think outside the box

We pride ourselves on not being bound by market conventions. We’ll come to the table with ideas.

We’ll boost your liquidity icon

We’ll boost your liquidity

Well-implemented credit management increases liquidity, diverting funds that can be put to better use.

Good for you, good for your customers

Retail customer finance gives your target audience the opportunity to defer or split payments when they’re not in a position to cover the full price upfront. They also boost brand loyalty and encourage people to spend more. Plus, consumers have come to expect a degree of flexibility when they shop.

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Customer finance options we cover:

Point-of-sale loans, credit cards, store cards, BNPL

Our approach in action


Retailers can boost loyalty and stabilise their businesses by working with Pepper Advantage to put manageable, customer-centric payment options in place. Retail finance has become an essential and expected part of the customer experience. It demonstrates an understanding of evolving consumer needs – which in turn creates valuable brand equity. Pepper Advantage manages the development, implementation and upkeep, ensuring business and customer needs are met.

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