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Pepper Advantage is in the business of finding ways to help people live fulfilling financial lives. We’re experienced in servicing commercial, residential, second-charge, buy-to-let, shared-ownership and help-to-buy mortgages. Our data-and-analytics systems enable us to predict borrower behaviour and portfolio trends, allowing you to make the right decisions to accelerate business growth.


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Pepper Advantage sees highest stress levels since the Financial Crisis


We track a variety of data points to analyse borrower stress across our portfolio with the goal of managing risks before they emerge. This month, our report offers unique insights into stressed subsets of the UK market over a 12-month period as we explore where financial pressures are most intense and track early indicators, such as Direct Debit Rejections (DDRs) and arrears and the nuances across different products, age demographics and geographic locations.


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Addressing mortgage market challenges


The residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) landscape has changed over the past few years. New parties have entered the sector affecting market share; regulations and underwriting standards have been updated and tightened.


Pepper Advantage works hand in hand with multiple financial establishments to focus on scenarios that exist beyond the remit of many mainstream lenders, or whose credit policies may not allow for specialist lending.

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Entrepreneurial credit experts

Residential property lending is in our DNA. We have first-hand experience of developing mortgage products with a difference and servicing home-loan customers across multiple markets.

We consider every aspect of credit origination and loan lifecycle. Whether it’s performing, in early-state arrears or requiring active intervention, we have the expertise and the mindset to reach the best outcomes for all parties.

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    Manage governance and oversight

    We have experience, credibility and a top level of governance, which means our mortgage lender client base always meet exacting standards.

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    Consumer-centric approach

    Pepper Advantage always provides the highest levels of customer service, integrating with client teams to ensure their customers understand their options and feel a sense of control and optimism.

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    Continually evolving tech

    Outsourcing functions to Pepper Advantage puts you in touch with the most evolved technological solutions and portfolio reporting, giving you competitive edge.

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    Onboarding expertise

    At Pepper Advantage we have onboarded some of the biggest and most complex mortgage portfolios on the market. Our systems enable us to do this securely and effectively every time.

How we work with mortgage lenders


Asset classes

Commercial, residential, second-charge, buy-to-let, shared-ownership and help-to-buy mortgages


All figures represent the sum total as at 30 June 2023
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S&P Rating | STRONG

We’ve maintained this rating since 2012 and have been included on S&P’s Global Select Servicer List.

No growing pains with Pepper Advantage

Increasingly, mortgage lenders are being asked to keep up in a world of ever-growing regulatory needs, changing consumer demands, and greater technological investment. Outsourcing gives access to the latest tech and experts without the exorbitant costs associated with growing teams and developing complex internal processes.

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