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Access all the plug-and-play tools and back-office services you need to stay agile, competitive and resource-light. Pepper Advantage will provide you with the credit management, infrastructure, intelligence and insights you need to maintain a competitive edge against other disruptors and incumbent institutions. We’ll also grow with you, providing support and expertise while you accelerate your business.


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Overcoming industry challenges with technology

Can you predict who’s vulnerable?


Our credit intelligence platform is signalling early signs of borrower stress in rising Direct Debit Rejections not yet reflected by a corresponding rise in delinquencies. Yet the pay rate hasn’t dropped. Here’s how our technology keeps you ahead of the rest.

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Looking for flexibility and tech-enabled expertise?

We’re experienced at bringing new products onto the market, onboarding clients, monitoring their credit cycles, and filling in all the gaps. We’ll also ensure that you never fall foul when it comes to regulations, compliance and due diligence.

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We’re focused on data and analytics

With Pepper Advantage, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your customers’ loans, all the time, in real time.

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We provide the best customer service

With ringfenced white-label teams, we curate your brand and look after your customers.

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We’re agile and responsive

We’re primed to respond to business needs and market changes, and have the ability to evolve your lending products.

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We are constantly innovating

We’re on a continual journey, always developing our tech capabilities, so you’ll never get left behind.

How we work with fintechs and challenger banks


Asset classes

Residential mortgages, auto and equipment finance, small business and consumer loans, credit cards and BNPL


All figures represent the sum total as at 30 June 2023
Fintech clients
Assets under management (USD)
Loans managed (since inception)
Asset classes

Bring your fintech and challenger bank ambitions to life


While you focus on innovation, growth and meeting modern customer needs, we’ll ensure all systems are streamlined and automated so nothing holds you back. With our modular, proprietary and API-enabled technology, which has been developed over ten years specifically to manage loans on behalf of third-party clients, you’ll be in capable hands.

Pepper Advantage’s holistic 360º support will help you maintain a competitive edge.

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By masterminding the back office

We reduce cost pressures by looking after the back office. No need for expensive service centres and increasing staff rosters as you grow.


By being ready to act

We can put your business ambitions into action immediately. We have technology to support the fast delivery of new loan products, avoiding the need to upgrade existing set-ups.


By giving competitive advantage

White labelling is an affordable solution to an expensive problem. It enables fintechs to outsource so they can get to the market faster, saving time and resources.

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By providing valuable credit insights

We provide access to best-in-class credit management tech and analytics. Our AI and ML capabilities solve the challenges faced by today’s financial businesses.

Our approach in action


Working across a growing portfolio of asset classes and product lines in commercial, SME, residential and consumer loans, we look after new loan processing, customer contact, direct debit and payment management, overpayment processing, statement production, retention release, product switching, arrears management, vulnerable customer care, term expiry, mortgage administration, redemptions and closure.

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