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Working with a global credit intelligence provider makes reaching and exceeding financial and strategic goals faster and more efficient. At Pepper Advantage, we work with the world’s most innovative brands across multiple sectors to support end-to-end processes, co-invest, and maximise portfolio returns.  

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Solving the challenges faced by financial businesses intelligently

Pepper Advantage partners with major banks, fintechs, challenger banks, mortgage lenders, property developers and retailers to accelerate growth, maximise returns and streamline business and management processes.


With our state-of-the-art data-and-analytics systems, we enable our partners to predict trends, evaluate risk and provide bespoke solutions to the most complex of clients. We provide the edge today’s businesses need to set them apart and stay ahead.



We value and predict loan portfolio outcomes accurately, manage, validate assumptions, improve recoveries, and identify new opportunities in a rapidly expanding global market.


Major banks

For more than a decade we have partnered with some of the biggest banks in the world, providing the infrastructure and backbone to those brands and their operations. Our knowledge and technology help major banks evolve and stay competitive.


Mortgage lenders

Our data and analytics systems enable us to predict borrower behaviour and portfolio trends, allowing mortgage lenders to make the right decisions to accelerate business growth.


Fintechs and challengers

Our partners have access to all the plug-and-play tools and back-office services they need to stay agile, competitive and resource-light. 

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Real Estate

We have an end-to-end real-estate management system, employ specialised staff who use the latest data and tech to perform real-estate asset valuations, and a comprehensive range of due diligence and transaction services.



Pepper Advantage uses its credit management expertise to take care of the complexities involved in managing retail credit products, including helping those retailers looking to sell books of loans to investors. 

Our approach in action 

Pepper Advantage has dedicated and expert teams across multiple financial sectors in place, ready to act. They work with the latest intelligence systems to ensure clients achieve their strategic business goals and keep their customers happy.

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