AI-driven credit assessment technology 


Pepper Advantage has acquired, a specialist AI-driven credit management software platform in India. This acquisition brings exciting technology to Pepper Advantage’s growing ecosystem of credit intelligence offerings.



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Assess a near limitless volume and range of loan documents has developed market-leading AI and ML solutions created specifically for our industry. Its flagship product is a credit risk tool that can assess loan application documents at scale, including various forms of ID, bank statements and utility bills. Alongside socio-demographic analysis, it is able to help with credit decisioning, identify fraud risks and boost efficiency across a wide range of tasks by delivering a risk assessment report directly to your inbox.

Credit risk evaluation

The predictive pre-payout credit approval tool uses socio-demographic and profile-based analysis to assess loan application documents and complete real time checks against authentic sources and a rules-based engine for KYC and risk determination of income.

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Fraud Prevention

Stopping multiple millions in fraudulent applications, the platform delivers end-to-end checks of the loan application documentation including identifying fraud risks and other suspicious behaviour prior to credit approval.

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API integration

Algorithm driven, the platform can be integrated directly into the loan originator’s credit management systems via API, providing a scalable, holistic, contextual and relationship-driven platform to evaluate loan application and portfolio risk analysis.

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Automated transaction monitoring

Our automated transaction monitoring is vastly superior to the manual and individualised internal processes that commonly slow down credit applications across India’s financial services sector.

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Trusted by leading Indian banks


Currently used by a range of major banks, we intend to expand its applicable market in India to include fintechs, microfinance companies, small finance businesses, co-operative banks, insurance and government institutions.

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How it works

Risk assessment made easy


Process all your loan applications for a comprehensive risk evaluation.

  • 1

    Loan application

    Applicants apply for a loan and provide their supporting documents.

  • 2

    Risk Determination

    The loan application and supporting documents are reviewed by our credit assessment platform using AI-driven technology.

  • 3

    Profile Analysis

    A full profile analysis and risk assessment is run on the loan application.

  • 4

    Risk Report

    A risk assessment report is generated and includes a detailed set of risks found with the loan application.

  • 5

    Credit Assessment

    The credit assessor or loan underwriter is now equipped to evaluate the risk of the loan application based on credit intelligence provided.

Key benefits


Access a scalable platform to evaluate risk inherent in loan applications, pre-payout. The product is vastly superior to current manual, individual and slow internal processes required to assess the documentation associated with loan applications.

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Scalable on demand without needing more resources

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Bank statement analysis

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Verify authenticity of documents

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Algorithm driven with digital assessment and evaluation

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Standardised checks across products and geography

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Accurate, granular and consistent outputs for the credit assessor

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A continuous feedback loop which enriches the platform on a regular basis

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Extensive cross verification of the applicants attributes

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Available today as a standalone solution in India and shortly as part of a fully managed service provided by Pepper India Resolutions, we have also started the process of integrating our AI credit assessment platform into our own industry-leading, end-to-end credit management platform.  


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