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Pepper Advantage Indonesia (PT Pepper Services Indonesia) is the fastest-growing credit management company in the country and the most complete global servicer throughout the whole region. We manage several different asset classes, including unsecured loans such as payday, buy-now-pay-later, point-of-sale and motorcycle and car, as well as mortgages and SME commercial loans. 


There is no other servicer in Indonesia that has comparable global capabilities, or the ability to manage such a cross section of asset classes. 


We provide exceptional opportunities for local people, which means we attract the best talent in the country – those with unparalleled local knowledge and a deep understanding of regional client and customer bases. Our experts are spread over 13 cities in Indonesia and supported by robust back-office and omnichannel systems. And we have exemplary support in terms of data and analytics and IT from Pepper Advantage’s global Intelligence Platform. It’s by combining local and global know-how and expertise that we deliver clients and customers the best possible results.

Our business in numbers

As at 30 June 2023
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Working for financial wellbeing


We currently have more than US$280 million in assets under management across eight classes. We service in excess of 250,000 customers, providing global credit management, credit management and advisory, real estate management, credit management technologies, and credit data and analytics.


Currently, Pepper Advantage Indonesia largely deals with under- and non-performing loans. One of our biggest goals is to help people resolve any difficulties they may be experiencing and to improve their financial lives – something we share with the whole Pepper Advantage family. We want resolution not litigation, and so we work hard to build strong relationships and win-win situations between servicer, client and customer.

Pepper Advantage Hub

Helping local businesses and people


In a young market, with millions of unbanked or partially unbanked people whose credit needs are not being met, it’s vital to combine local knowledge and an understanding of unique need states with real-time global and regional data, so that lenders can make insight-driven decisions to benefit their businesses and their customers’ financial experiences.


Globally, Pepper Advantage has considerable involvement in meeting the needs of those people who are often overlooked by traditional lenders, and for helping them live productive, well-managed financial lives.


Local knowledge, global clout


Pepper Advantage Indonesia has full and immediate access to the latest regional and global data and analytics, expert teams, and back-office systems, which means it can predict consumer behaviours and trends, drive productivity and improve the lives of clients and customers. It’s by combining that expertise with a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the local market that Pepper Advantage Indonesia is able to accelerate clients’ business growth – while achieving the best outcomes for their customers.

Stories from Indonesia

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