Gerald (Jerry) Parascandolo

General Counsel

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Jerry has worked with Pepper Advantage since September 2013, and serves as the highest-ranking figure of legal authority across all jurisdictions. As such he provides in-house advice on a vast range of legal matters within the business, as well as directing senior management and the board, leading legal and secretariat teams, and overseeing the work of external legal advisors.

A major part of the remit for Jerry and his team includes protecting and enhancing Pepper Advantage’s endeavours, objectives and reputation by providing the appropriate legal and governance services. He also develops corporate legal strategy to protect and promote organisational interests, and drives a culture of professional excellence and agility.


Prior to joining Pepper Advantage, Jerry was Senior General Counsel of Oakwood Global Finance, and was a Partner at the global law firm Brown Rudnick. Jerry has amassed more than 37 years of post-qualification experience and holds a Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law School.


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“I love the variety of work that lands on my desk at Pepper Advantage. In a global business with an appetite for growth, there is plenty to keep me busy and learning. Each day is different, and everyone on the legal side of the company has the ability to research, speculate, hypothesise and formulate legal strategies to effectively solve problems for clients.”