Gender Pay Gap


2021/22 Reporting year


Pepper Advantage ("PA") remains committed to fairness, inclusion and opportunity, irrespective of gender. We take this focus beyond just the annual pay gap reporting… it is fundamental to our Culture. 


Gender pay gap reporting continues to help us to review how we ensure that our people are at the heart of our strategic plans.  It has enabled us to review external trends whilst considering the key skills essential for continuous success, both at individual and company-wide level. 

Since our last gender pay gap report, we have continued to improve the  gender imbalance in senior executive roles, including senior technical hires, and in particular at group level which will reflect more clearly in the next cycle of reporting. We are especially pleased to have maintained 50% female representation on the PA UK Executive team, significantly higher than the average for financial services in the UK.  Additionally, 39% of our leadership positions are held by women.


We continue to positively reinforce opportunities and equality within our business, including the launch of a successful and highly active Diversity and Inclusion Committee and continued membership of the Women in Finance Charter, having met our targets two years running.  We have continued to enhance our benefits package with particular focus on families and looking after our people during the current economic challenges.  The enhancements include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced Maternity benefits including return-to-work bonuses
  • Extended Full Pay Paternity Leave
  • Compassionate Miscarriage Policy

Pepper Advantage continues to ensure that all employees are selected and appropriately compensated in their roles based on their skills, abilities and performance alone, without regard to their gender.

Average pay and bonus gap 


Gender Pay Gap Mean

gender-pay-gap-median-2021 (1)

Gender Pay Gap Median


Gender Bonus Gap Mean


Gender Bonus Gap Median

Employees in each quartile


1st Quartile


2nd Quartile


3rd Quartile


4th Quartile

Percentage of employees receiving bonus