Clive Kirkpatrick

Head of Operational Fulfilment

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Clive is responsible for the development and growth of Pepper Advantage’s global BPO centres. The Pepper Advantage Hub provides a one-stop-shop for clients and businesses to grow their teams and operations remotely.


Clive is a successful executive with over 30 years of experience in banking and financial services both in Australia and internationally. 


Clive was appointed Head of Operational Fulfilment in December 2023. He is very familiar with the company’s operations, having been appointed non-executive Director of the Pepper Advantage Hubs, both Fiji and Indonesia, in November 2022. 


Prior to that, Clive held management positions at St George Bank and Yellow Brick Road Group.


Clive Kirkpatrick

“Pepper Advantage’s commitment to developing the most advanced data and technology to support clients and enhance customer service sets the company apart.”